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Who we are

PROW 2020

We’re driven by creating a tech-conference that not only delivers professional advice and information but binds and inspires the tech-community to do better.

From understanding the importance of conducting customer discovery to creating the right environment and structure for autonomous teams or learning to give equal attention to business modelling, as well as to user experience, Prow aims to connect all these aspects in a holistic approach at its first edition.

Our team

Meet the Prows

Andrei Firoiu
Andrei Firoiu

The Technical Wizard

Andrei F. is putting Prow on the Internet map, giving shape to all the technical details and making sure everything is as optimized as possible.

Andrei Munteanu
Andrei Munteanu

The Prophet of Events

Andrei M. is channelling the right resources and brings together a tech-community that is wishful to help us create the first edition of a product conference in Timisoara.

Andreea Oproiu
Andreea Oproiu

The Social Mediaholic

Andreea is questing the right words for Prow’s mission and makes sure that it reaches its community.

Anna Maria Radu
Anna Maria Radu

The Chief Explorer

Anna is bringing the best prowfessionals on stage, while also curating all the ideas that will be debated, in order to match our product-people’s agenda.

Bianca Arhot
Bianca Arhot

The Pantone Connoisseur

Bianca is synchronizing the essence of Prow with a suitable design, giving the brand a fresh shape. She basically makes Prow look pretty.

Rebeca Vidoni
Rebeca Vidoni

The Creator of Opportunities

Rebeca is finding all the suitable opportunities for this event while making sure that everything runs smoothly.

Join us at the first edition of Prow!

Our Vision

Organizers' Foreword

Prow Conference


Social Updates

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