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Meet the Prowfessionals

Aastha Yadav

Leading Global Strategy at Bolt

Senior strategy leader with top-tier consulting background from Bain & Co., now heading global product strategy at Bolt OU, incl. strategies around new products, hyper-growth launch, expansion, optimisation and organisation design.
Aastha is currently establishing and leading a team responsible for shaping the Bolt's long-term direction and identifying new growth & optimization opportunities. Drawing on her extensive experience in management consulting, product & strategy, she advises startups on product strategy, growth and expansion.

Prow Engagements

Scaling for Success: Strategies for Sustainable Growth

Ever heard the saying 'go big or go home'? Well, we're all about going big, and definitely not about going home.
   Have you ever wondered how startups manage to grow from a small seed to a flourishing giant without tripping over their shoelaces? In this session, we'll dissect the art of scaling for success—how to grow without losing your marbles or your market share. From understanding the nuances of the macros, market, growth landscape to dancing through the minefield of regulatory challenges and resource constraints. And let's not forget the role of tech—the potion that transforms startups into unicorns! With some real-world examples, we'll talk about how scaling sustainably is about strategy, passion, and a dash of magic. So, if you're ready to scale like a pro, join us for a rollercoaster of insights. You'll leave with a toolkit of strategies that'll have you conquering the business world, minus the stress wrinkles.

Duration: 35 minutes


Experience Stage