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Meet the Prowfessionals

Alexandra Sfetcu

Product Manager at QED & The Sandbox

Alexandra is a Product Manager at Sandbox passionately involved in the construction of it's metaverse. 
With her passion for new tech and innovative product development, she is leading a team of amazing devs towards the creation of exceptional user experiences. 
With over a decade of experience in Project and Product management, she is constantly learning and working towards reshaping the modern digital experiences.

Prow Engagements

Building the economy of creators within the metaverse

Building the economy of creators within the metaverse is a dynamic and evolving process that requires collaboration between creators, technologists, businesses, and policymakers. By creating an ecosystem that empowers creators and fosters innovation, the metaverse can become a vibrant and economically sustainable space for creative expression and entrepreneurship.

Duration: 35 minutes


Discovery Stage