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Meet the Prowfessionals

Dimitri Page

Founder | Product Leader | Product Discovery & Leadership Coach

With more than 12 years of experience working with startups and SMEs across various roles including agility, product and strategy; Dimitri discovered his passion for product management when he launched Malaysia’s first professional e-commerce back in 2010. He has since then been alternating between freelance interim product roles and product coaching, helping start-ups reach product/market fit and scale into strong product-led organisations.

Prow Engagements

Help!? Understanding what kind of help is required to unlock situations and grow.

As the technical landscape continues evolving at such a rapid pace, so do the skills necessary for building and maintaining a competitive advantage in the market.
On top of hard skills, employees need to collaborate and communicate within and across the organisation, negotiate, be flexible, understand one another, influence, have empathy, and be able to recognise their blind spots.
Business innovation is driven by our capability to constantly learn and adapt to whatever changes come our way, making the most valuable employees not those who know the most but those who learn the best.
As a Product Professional, being able to learn from your environment to improve yourself, how your organisation works and your team of PMs (if you are a leader) requires help from experts.
The type of helping expertise needed depends on the type of problem you face. In this talk, Dimitri sheds light on identifying what kind of help is necessary based on the type of problem you face.


Duration: 35 minutes


Experience Stage