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Meet the Prowfessionals

Emily Webber

Organisational consultant, trainer, author and speaker at Tacit

 Emily Webber is a UK-based independent organisational consultant, coach, trainer and speaker. She focuses on creating environments where people thrive so that organisations can thrive. 

She works with organisations worldwide in the public and private sectors to create conditions that enable effective collaboration and iterative, user-focused delivery. To do this, she works with leadership teams, embeds communities of practice and leads initiatives that allow for learning and growing capabilities, all of which help create sustainable change.

She is known internationally for her work on communities of practice, illustrated in her book Building Successful Communities of Practice and collaboration tools, such as The Team Onion.

She regularly contributes to the digital community, sharing approaches, speaking at conferences and founding several meetups, including Agile in the Ether, Liverpool Digital People, Agile on the Bench and Agile in Leeds.

She blogs at and lists her side projects at

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