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Meet the Prowfessionals

Horia Coman

Romania Engineering at Stripe

Horia has been a professional engineer for about 10 years and a manager for the last four. He spent almost half of his career at, dabbling in a bit of everything: infra, food delivery, maps, customer support, operations, pricing, etc. He's worked on bootstrapping tech hubs, hyper-scaling engineering teams, and setting up org-wide processes. He signed up for more of the same, and is currently helping a US FinTech establish itself in Romania. Prior to this, he was in adtech at Google and StackOverflow.
In his free time, he likes working on his over-engineered todo list app and playing drums.

Prow Engagements

Elevating Digital Product Efficiency through Platform Engineering

Join a tech-focused journey exploring platform teams' critical role in tech-driven product management. Drawing inspiration from industry leaders like Bolt and Stripe, Horia will decode how platform teams expand architectural principles across business sectors. From deciphering triggers for platform team formation to addressing challenges like under-PMing and remote user engagement and grasping metrics that balance quality and efficiency in the dynamic tech landscape, real-world insights await.

Duration: 35 minutes


Discovery Stage