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Meet the Prowfessionals

Iulian Vasilisca

Technical Product Manager @ Experimentation at Glovo

Iulian Vasilisca is a seasoned product manager with a strong background in product development and data analysis. Currently, he works as Technical Product Manager at Glovo in Barcelona, where he contributes his expertise to drive product experimentation.

Prior to this, Iulian Vasilisca served as a Product Manager at Bolt, where he focused on managing the Experimentation Platform.

Prow Engagements

Why and How Experimentation adds value to Product Development

A/B testing seems to gain traction in product teams at tech companies, yet it is unclear what is the benefit of adding yet one more step into the development process. In this session, we’ll enter the world of product experimentation, explaining how it works and what you should expect from it.

Duration: 35 minutes


Experience Stage


SOLD OUT - Crash Course in Product Experimentation

To give you a flavor of what Experimentation means in the context of Product Development, we will deep-dive into the following chapters that contain both practical and theoretical aspects:

  • Experimentation basics
  • End-to-end examples of real Experiments
  • Product culture challenges
  • The elements of an Experiment and how to construct them
  • Design an Experiment exercise
  • Build vs Buy experimentation tools


Duration: 3 hours


Cowork Timisoara The Office