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Innovation, Product Management, UX Consultant at Mev-Rael Consulting

Mev-Rael (mononym) is a self-made, self-taught philosopher-warrior, international, operational innovation, UX/JTBD, continuous discovery, productivity, and product management consultant who successfully helps startups to build labs, launch or grow digital products with luxurious UX, gain 100% clarity, align the entire organization and minimize risks by 90% with his unique Innovation Sprint that combines scientific method, many innovation and continuous discovery techniques, and sales. He mentors young people and experienced professionals from all over the world on ADPList for free.

He came from a poor family, started working early as a sales rep, started his first own business by selling arts as a kid, and later was successfully providing software development services. Then started his own AI startup in London and was scammed by an investor. Finally, he became a digital nomad, photographer, and consultant who lived across 3 continents from West Coast to Hong Kong where he was deported.

Until today he doesn't even have a bachelor's degree, has learned everything himself by attending meetups, conferences, webinars, reading thousands of articles, papers, and books, watching thousands of videos and courses, and connecting with thousands of people across the globe. He has been rejected tens of thousands of times during his entire life, including top accelerators, countless leads, and companies like McKinsey and Apple.

He also is practicing mindfulness, Buddhism, and Taijiquan, and believes that any human being can become a global success by summoning his or her own spirit, working smart and consistently improving thyself, staying an eternal student, and being greedy for knowledge from other domains, by becoming an expert-generalist who unleashes own greatness.

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