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Renata McCurley

Director of Product Management at Cognizant Softvision

As global Director of Product Management, Renata owns the delivery methodology and practice standards for a crack team of Product Managers across all of Cognizant Softvision’s offices. Renata supports the growth and expansion of Cognizant Softvision’s offerings and helps our Product Management Consultants hone their ability to identify and distill complex business problems, understand new industries, and release high-value digital solutions to market for our clients. She is a frequent facilitator of classes and talks on Software Implementation Practices, Lean Requirements Workshops, Stakeholder Management, Product Strategy, and Agile Methodology—all areas she has applied practically across multiple industries and technology stacks to solve business challenges for Cognizant Softvision clients. With over 15 years of software delivery experience, Renata has seen just about every type of tech project disaster and learned from every one of them. She brings this knowledge into her leadership and mentoring, both on the job role and through her involvement with organizations that guide people following an atypical path into tech. By taking a non-traditional path into technology, (starting out as an opera singer, pivoting into a librarian, and then evolving a chemical engineering industry research position into an IT role), Renata has learned to embrace change, and value diverse backgrounds amongst her colleagues.

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