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Wout Laban

Head of Customer Success

With a background in design and growth marketing, Wout helps mobile-first companies with engagement, retention and product optimization, focussing on aligning an organization from product development, CRM to marketing. With a specific focus on process improvements, he brings frameworks that help you build a growth team and culture that is set-up for success.

Previously, Wout was Head of Growth at ed-tech startup Gibbon (acquired by Degreed) scaling the userbase from acquisition and retention. Next to that, he has lead programs for larger corporations (Rabobank, ABinBEV, Liberty Global) to turn business needs into new products and services. With an analytical approach, he worked with corporate teams on new products and accelerated product development. Wout now leads Leanplum’s Customer Success team. Where leads a team of experts to advise leading mobile brands on their engagement strategy, lifecycle automation, and A/B testing.

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