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How can PROW make you GLOW

by Madalina Adriana Anghel • Aug 25, 2023

How can PROW make you GLOW
How can PROW make you GLOW?

There’s a right time for festivals that feed your soul and there’s a right time for festivals that feed your mind. There’s a right time for sparkling eyebrows and then there’s a right time for sparkling wine at an afterparty. “All work and no fun” is truly a thing, but is it the same with “all fun and no work”?

Timisoara has been glowing this year as European Capital of Culture and this couldn’t have happened without the joy and good vibes of the locals, the tourists, the children, everyone really who was pumping up the streets and was making every event stand out. 

Still, the glow does not end with summer. 

Getting closer to Autumn, we’ve been prepping to pave the way for more people interaction and more creative encounters that support digital innovation within the local community (and not only). And PROW is your local product & tech festival where all this is possible.

So, if you’re wondering why YOU should be also a part of the PROW this October, here’s why:

  • Meet leading global product and tech experts that share their product vision and best practices.
  • Check out the latest innovations in the product industry.
  • Group-focused workshops where you can dive deeper together with professionals in areas that matter in the industry.
  • Expand your network and get to meet lots of fun professionals who share the same interests as you.
  • Have a chance to actively share your ideas by taking part in in-house contests.
  • Other surprises that will make your days unforgettable

…and more!

Check us out on social media for more details and don’t hesitate to grab your Early Bird Tickets and support Timisoara in becoming a leading tech hub in Romania.

Disclaimer: Don’t forget, we’re casual, we’re fun and we can’t wait to GLOW together this October!