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Pinch me! I’m dating an angel!

by Madalina Adriana Anghel • Sep 20, 2023

Pinch me! I’m dating an angel!
From ancient myths to battles between angels and demons, the supernatural genre has been captivating TV audiences for a while now. Therefore, we kept asking ourselves, what draws us so much into this fascinating universe? Is it our curiosity about the unseen world or perhaps the fact that we have yet to encounter a truly supernatural being?

At PROW, we realized we couldn’t break this code alone and the only option was to unite our forces with others who share the same passion as we do.

Therefore, together with Timisoara Startups and Growceanus’s initiative “Invest in Moonicorns” we are thrilled to pave the way for 20 tech start-ups by offering them an expo-spot to showcase their efforts at the PROW conference. 

How will this go?

  • Secure your moonicorn expo-spot on the 27th of October at PROW.
  • Have an awesome showcase of your already built product.
  • Be amongst the top 3 moonicorns and meet your angel! Get the chance to pitch your product on stage, at the Invest in Moonicorns party on the 27th of October, at Faber.

Business angels in Timisoara’s tech ecosystem

In TV shows, angels always win the battles (even the fallen ones). No matter how difficult the battle may be, they somehow manage to help humans in danger, save them and make the world a better place. They even strike a pose towards the end of the episode.

Business angels are pretty much the same, they find an amazing start-up with great potential and help it grow and change the world for the better, bringing immense value to customers and shareholders alike. The only difference is that our kind of angels are not in heaven but registered on the Growceanu platform and contribute with their own money and expertise to the development of tech startups with high growth potential. So far, they have invested in more than 22 companies such as Bright Spaces, Rayscape (xVision), EmailTreeAI, Kinderpedia, Helperz (Sitter), The Data Analysis Bureau, Telios or 

It may seem heavenly, but it’s true and there’s only one way to find out. 😉

High pitch or low pitch?

Science says that a conversation in high pitch is all about enthusiasm, curiosity, or excitement, while having a conversation in low pitch is a sign of boredom. Since low pitch vibrations are ideal for putting a baby to sleep, this may be true! 

So, keep your pitch high and your eagerness even higher! At PROW, we’ve got your back and we’re going to say it out loud in the highest pitch out there. Get to know us on the 27’th of October at Timisoara Convention Center and let’s have that conversation with the right amount of highs and the right amount of lows. 

P.S: Don’t forget to register here