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Should I stay or should I go?

by Madalina Adriana Anghel • Sep 30, 2023

Should I stay or should I go?
Let’s make Prow timeless together.

It’s a question often on my mind whenever I must take non-obvious and non-basic decisions, especially if they involve money. And it was a question on my mind before attending Prow last year for the first time. But I thought… if The Clash managed to go for it and to turn a simple sentence into a whole song that became a worldwide hit and we still hear it rocking in all the bars and clubs, the answer is already there: Go. Always go.

The Clash is timeless and hopefully, years from now, Prow will be timeless as well. If you’re (over) thinking your decision to attend and have already created a list of pros and cons, the time is ripe to break the list into pieces and get your ticket. Because when you think too much, you already know you want it. If you haven’t really given it a thought, what’s there to lose except for a fancy dinner out that will be replaced by delicious food and amazing coffee powered by granular, at the Timisoara Convention Center?

As much as I’d love to continue this debate, let’s get serious and see whether you fit the Prow profile:

1.      You work in IT – even though you’re a data engineer, a React developer, a business analyst or a product manager (and everything else, really), Prow is for you.

2.      You are interested in making connections with other people that work in the industry.

3.      You are passionate about how things get done and about how cool products are being built.

4.      You simply love to hear a good speech.

5.      You enjoy watching TED talks.

6.      You are an entrepreneur – this is your chance to get an inflow of new ideas!

7.      You are a manager or you work in Human Resources – who knows what great people you will meet that you will want to make an offer to?

8.      None of the above but curious and into tech trends – who knows what interesting collaboration offers you may get?

9.      You are looking for some smart fun.

10.   You are from Timisoara and have no plans on Friday the 27th of October.

11.   ….

The truth is, the list could go on and on. Prow is for everyone. It’s a very friendly product and tech festival that will leave you with your jaw dropping and will already make you get those suuuper early bird tickets for next year as well. At least this is how it was for me. And now, here I am, writing articles for Prow and inviting you to take a bite of awesomeness as well. 😉

So, if you’re still thinking about whether to attend or not, I hope by now you have your answer. If not, contact us on Linkedin for more information, send us an email, follow us on socials and don’t hesitate to take that step forward. Let’s make Prow timeless together!