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PROW 2021

From Features to Experiences

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  • September 17, 2021
    Faber, Timisoara
Prow is a technology conference, with a focus on products. We bring together international professionals in order to create a matrix with insights for building better.

What to expect

Prow 2021 is a hybrid event, taking place both online and on-site. Keep an eye out for our location announcement and other upcoming details.

The Product Conference

Upskill to a Product Pro

It’s time to make room for a new generation of products — one that is more inclusive, more interactive, and more innovative than ever. After major shifts in this industry, we have to upskill to the best product professionals we can be, and learn how to successfully assemble and manage (remote) teams, what are the latest software and technologies to use or what users respond best to.

Learn to build better. Join us in exploring the best strategies & tools to do so!

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The event is for

Developers | Marketers | Designers | Managers | Business Analysts

Product people


Why Attend?

Our Speakers

Meet the Prowfessionals

Anthony Murphy

Product Coach & Director

Eva Drago

Co-founder and CPO

Andrei Beno

Growth Product Manager

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News & Articles

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by Giorgiana Dragos - 08 Sep 2021

Prow in Retrospect: Alexandru Bleau on Leading as a Product Manager

Leading as a product manager means that you are given a lot of indirect influence, considering all the expectations everyone has of you. You are also the glue that puts everyone on the same page. So you have to build up processes and authority, trying to steer the train while getting on it at the same time. It’s empowering to see when the team does not need you anymore. Alexandru B...

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by Giorgiana Dragos - 08 Sep 2021

Prow in Retrospect: Adrian Pica on Becoming a Product Manager

There is no right way — the book or the method does not exist. As a Product Manager, you are supposed to understand and know all the tools you have at your disposal. And choose the most efficient one. You have problems to solve, but you have to combine resources in order to reach the right outcome. You need to have the right local context so that when you look at the data, you can get i...

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by Andreea Oproiu - 08 Sep 2021

All You Need to Know About Prow 2021

We initiated this project in 2019, with the sole purpose of binding the local tech community and providing the right context for expanding product skills, perspectives and relationships. The first edition faced one of the unfriendliest years for events, forcing us to move it entirely online, but it still came together as an insightful and successful conference. Fast-forwarding to this year, ...

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