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Out of days off to attend Prow?

by Madalina Adriana Anghel • Oct 16, 2023

Out of days off to attend Prow?
 Winter holidays are less than 3 months away and so are the new vacation days for 2024. Have you already spent your days off on that fabulous holiday in Greece? Or are you saving them for an exotic holiday in Thailand during the winter? Needless to say, we get it, there’s no such thing as too many vacation days but there clearly is a thing with having too little. 

What if we told you there is a way to attend Prow without taking a day off? Check out some of our tips and tricks and start pitching it to your boss 😉. 

  1. Inform your company about Prow.
  2. Explain why it’s relevant for you to get to the conference. (Check out the “How can Prow make you Glow article to help you re-enforce the reasons why you should attend the conference”).
  3. List some examples of how your participation can bring benefits to other members of your team, to the customers you’re working with and potentially with other departments.
  4. Already create a draft plan listing how you are planning to share your Prow knowledge after the conference.
  5. If you’re working partially remotely – we’ve got you covered! We’ll have a co-working space within the event venue – so be willing to take your laptop with you and offer your availability in case you’re needed (but try to cancel meetings where your presence is mandatory; you wouldn’t want to miss a single presentation).
  6. Be brave and go for it! Chances are you will get both a free ticket and a free day to attend the Prow fest.
It may seem little, but sometimes less is more and hey, we have free wi-fi! 😉
2 weeks left until Prow so…tick-tock! We are very curious to hear your success stories so don’t hesitate to share them with us. Don’t forget, the proof is in the pudding!
Here’s an email template resource that you can use for a Prow conversation starter:
Dear X,

Hope you’re having a great day so far!

Wanted to inform you about a cool product & tech conference taking place in Timisoara, perhaps you’ve already heard about it, it’s called Prow and here’s their website:

It would bring a lot of value for me to take part (insert examples based on current position and purpose of attending) and I’m sure it will be very beneficial for the entire team as well! I was also thinking of organizing a workshop after the conference so I can share my learnings with them and maybe also have a live event at the office. What do you think?

Would love to hear your thoughts on this so please keep me posted!

Wishing you a lovely day ahead!

Insert Name