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Anthony Murphy

Product Coach & Director

Anthony's mission is to help make the world a friendly place for Product People. He does this by coaching individuals, teams, and organisations to succeed in product. More recently his mission has led him to help establish the Association of Product Professionals. A global industry body whose mission is to advance Product Management.

Anthony has coached over 100 Product Managers and Product Leaders all over the world. Often partnering with CPOs, Anthony helps his clients scale and become more product-led. His experience spans several industries, from Healthcare to even AI and Machine Learning. He has shipped products at every stage of the product life-cycle (even sunset them!) and has worked across startups, all the way to large enterprises.

A regular conference speaker and blogger. He's been a top writer on Medium for Leadership and Startup, with his articles attracting over 70k monthly views.

A coffee lover, beer lover and life lover. He's also a father to two cats and a little human.

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